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Every year, Dekkja – the Goddess of the Underworld – grants both the living and her subjects a very rare gift: a chance for the living to meet their loved ones once again, a chance for the dead to again taste the sweet wine they once knew. This is called Reunion Day.
Living in a village close to the Gate to the Underworld, Elena prepares for Reunion Day. Unbeknownst to her, however, mysterious circumstances are forcing a change in plans…

NB! This is a work in progress, and the included story is basically one half of the whole story (1st act and half of 2nd act).

This is my entry to the Fambruary 14th Jam! I wanted to focus on writing this time, and so I chose to make a short RPG (lite) with a sad take on the theme. Eventually I realised I had been too ambitious after all and decided to make at least the first half of the story somewhat streamlined. Therefore this is very much a work in progress, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless!

As I did this mostly to try to getter at writing, I’m using RPG Maker MV's in-built tileset, and there’s no music yet as I intend to compose some myself at a later date. 

Things to implement:

  • the rest of the story
  • original music
  • original sound effects (maybe)
  • original art (maybe)

Assets used:

Kitten, rooster, fox, sheep, ogre face and sprite - Avery 
(wanted to use her wolf battlers but RPG Maker wouldn’t let me use them!)

Plugins used:

Skill Core, Map Gold Window, Region Restrictions, Region Events by Yanfly
Endphase Triggers, Hidden Choice Conditions, Battle Weather by Hime
Simple Event Fade by kuoushi
EIS Shop System by Endless Illusion Software
Fullscreen Toggle Option by SumRndmDde


A Drop of Wine MAC v0.01.zip 263 MB
A Drop of Wine WINDOWS v0.01.zip 378 MB


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Hey. So I played a little bit of it and here are some tips. You can find music and sound effects on the internet if you don't want to make your own. If you are thinking about doing original art, that will make your game go from good to great. It might be a lot of work but trust me, you learn so so much. I can tell you how to upload your own art if you want me too.  Also, you should make more things interactive. Maybe tell the player what they're supposed to do with dialogue also?


I like the game so far but it really is lacking sound. I realize you want to add custom music/sound effects but maybe add some temporary ones? It was sort of hard to enjoy without it, like when there was a rumble to the north or when Elena mentioned sounds she heard it felt empty. Otherwise I like the concept and I'm looking forward to the full thing someday.